3DTascalX Release information

Release information of the past version

3DTascalX Release information

■ – – – Contents for change of the interface option products

3DTascalX V10.30 [2021/08/30]

□Fixed Show/Hide cann’t work on check button at context window on submonitor.

□Fixed a bug that sometimes caused strange movement after pressing the Pass Origin button on the clipping plane.

□Fixed a bug where the scale of drawing window was not printed.

□Fixed a bug that the display of the current axes in the drawing window does not match the state of the content.

□Fixed a bug that omission of selection occurs even if all parts are selected by dragging and dropping on the window.

□Fixed a bug that display settings such as dimensions and lines were turned off after opening the properties of drawing elements.

□Fixed a bug that some data could not be solid due to trim error.

□[IGES(R)]Fixed a bug that nothing may be displayed when reading data.

□[D-view Plus] DXF(R) Fixed a bug that line type could not be imported correctly.

□[D-view Plus]The layout can be changed directly in the context menu of the selected dimension.

□[D-view Plus]Added support for loading PROXY shapes.(Elements are decomposed)

□[SOLIDWORKS(R)]available for 2021

■Adopted InterOp InterOp 2021 1.0.1.

■[CATIAV5(R/W)]available for V5-6R2021

■[NX(R)]available for NX1953

■[Creo(R)]available for 7.0

■[Inventor(R)]available for 2021

■[CATIAV5(R)]Fixed a bug that when a wire is read, it is read without being divided into layers.

■[CATIAV5(R)]Fixed a bug that PMI is not displayed if the data on non-writable folders when reading PMI.

3DTascalX V10.20 [2020/08/21]

□[i2xPlus] 3DX(W) Support to Background color and Gradation.

□[Option] Tool>Option Fixed that Apply button didn’t enable when some item changed.

□[D-view Plus] DWG(R) Fixed that some element position was wrong or missing.

□[D-view Plus] DXF(R) Fixed that characters were reversed.

■[NX(R)] available at NX1872.

■[CATIAV5(R)] Fixed that assembly structure to likeness as version 9.

3DTascalX V10.10 [2020/04/14]

□[SOLIDWORKS(R/W)] Support SOLIDWORKS 2020 data.

□[Measure > Outer Dimensions] Enabled to pick an object after choice this menu.

□[Measure > Outer Dimensions] Enabled to work with sheet body.

□[3D Sketch > Straight Line > Part Area Line] Enabled to work with sheet body.

□[IGES(R)] Some data that has spline couldn’t read correct.

□[IGES(W)] Output file size was so huge.

□[Drawing > Dimension/Comment… > Dimension] Abort when [Finish] button pushed.

□[Couldn’t enable some menu on view-menu] when Drawing window was set “Auto Hide”.

□[i2xPlus] When it output a STEP file,an error is displayed although it is successful.

□Abnormal termination when all folder monitoring settings are set to network computers

□[TableEditor] When performing certain operations during color editing,an error occurs and operations cannot be performed

■[CATIA(R/W)] available at V5-6 R2020.p>

■[NX(R)] available at NX1847.

■[CREO(R)] available at Creo 6.0.

■[ACIS(R/W)] available at R2020.1.0(R30).

■[Inventor(R)] available at 2020.

■[CREO(R)] Add a “Read Hidden Elements” option.

■[CATIA V5(R)] Add a “Read PMI” option.

■[NX(R)] Add a “Read PMI” option.

■[CREO(R)] Add a “Read PMI” option.

■[SOLIDWORKS Plugin CATIA V5(R)] Add a “Part Name Generation” option.

■[CATIA V5(R)] Some data that has PMI couldn’t read correct.

3DTascalX V10.00 [2019/08/05]

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