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3DX Reader

Free viewer for sharing 3DX data


It is a free 3D viewer for 3DX data which you saved by 3DTascalX.
By using 3DX data, you can have clearly information that was difficult to share by writing, drawing, intermediate data (IGES, STEP, etc.). Then you can avoid any “misunderstanding”.
Please download anyone willingly.

Motion video of function

※It is an animation with sound. More than 480p is recommended.

List of function

Expansion, reduction/ rotate / movement/shaded・Wire・hidden lines・shaded with edges/Transeparency/Clipping/ 視点方向表示/Dynamic viewpoint movement/Lightweighting/Drawing view/Subscreen/Animation reproduction/ Volume・Weight/Coloring/3D screen copy/3D screen range copy

System requirements

Windows 7 Professional SP1 or newer
Windows 8.1 Pro *2
Windows 10 Pro *2
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz or faster
32bitOS : 2GB or faster (1GB at the minimum)
64bitOS : 4GB at the minimum
Graphics corresponding to the OpneGL accelerator *1
Ver 6.0 or newer
Cannot cope with touch panel operation
In the case of the use, a viewing performance of 3D may decrease graphic accelerator non-for OpenGL.
Only a desktop mode