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C’set Co., Ltd.(follows as “C’set”) runs this website.
Please acknowledge the following items and use our website.
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Copyright Policy
Copyrights on individual texts, pictures, images, and other copyrighted materials (hereinafter collectively referred to as “contents”) posted on our website and our website belong to us, the original author or other rights holder To do.
Unless otherwise authorized by copyright law, in the case of printing, preservation, etc. for the purpose of personal use, the contents may be reproduced, transmitted publicly, modified, changed without obtaining permission of the Company, original author or other right holder, The act of excavation, reprinting to your website, etc. is prohibited by Copyright Act, so please contact us in advance and obtain permission.
Privacy Policy
C’set Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “C’set”) strives to protect personal information in accordance with the following basic policy in order to handle customer’s personal information properly and store it safely.
– C’set strictly manages the personal information that you provide, and improves security level to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, diversion, loss, falsification, etc.
– When acquiring personal information from the customer, C’set will acquire only the necessary personal information only after identifying the purpose of use as much as possible.
– In this website, in order to secure security, your personal information is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). When customer’s personal information is transmitted and received, it will be encrypted automatically.
– C’set does not provide or disclose your personal information to any third party except in the following cases.
· When we have your permission
· When we have requirement by laws and regulations
· When delegating to cooperating company who have concluded NDA for achieve the object clearly stated to the customer in advance
· When the customer information is modified to can not be identified like as statistical / analytical data
– C’set promptly responds to reasonable extent when customer wishes to inquire, correct, etc of customer’s personal information.
– C’set will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information, and will review and improve the efforts in the above items as necessary.
We do not guarantee about any accuracy, usefulness, certainty of the contents and information(hereinafter collectively referred to as “contents”) that are provided on this web site. We will not be responsible at all, even if some damage occurs due to use of “contents”. We have rights of change or cancel or stop operation of the website, terms of use, URL and contents etc. without any notice.
Contact about WEB site
For inquiries regarding this website and links, please contact us.

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