Simple, Low cost 3D viewer


Basic concept of this 3D viewer is “Simple”. It is an answer for demand of many peoples in manufacturing industry like “want to view 3D data more easily”. It is simple, easy and reasonable cost.

Only a desktop mode

3DFovi Promotional video[2m07s]

You can also play from here

List of functions

Display function

Scaling/Spin/Pan/4kinds of display patterns(Wire,Hidden line,Shading,Edge enhancement)/Perspective/Transparent color/Cross-section/Lightweighting/2or4screen separation

Measure and Mark-Up function

Distance dimensions(X,Y,Z,2point)/Angle dimensions/Radius/Diameter/Volume /Weight/Maximum length/Mark-Up(sentence,Numbering,Coloring)

Other function

Screenshot/Part movement(direct,parallel)

List of handling data

3D I/F
Data name filename extension Ver IN OUT
IGES *.igs *.iges Ver5.3 Assemblies and parts NG
STEP *.stp *.step AP203 AP214 Assemblies and parts NG
STL *.stl   Assemblies and parts OK
VRML *.wrl V1.0,V2.0 NG OK
Parasolid *.x_t *.x_b *.xmt_txt *.xmt_bin V9-V34 Assemblies and parts, 3D wire NG
ACIS *.sat R4-2024 1.0 Assemblies and parts NG
SOLIDWORKS *.sldasm *.sldprt 2018-2024 Assemblies and parts NG
CATIA V5 *.CATProduct *.CATPart V5R8 – V5-6R2023 Assemblies and parts NG
NX (Unigraphics) *.prt UnigraphicsV11-V18
Assemblies and parts NG
Creo Parametric *.asm *.asm.* *.prt *.prt.* Pro/ENGINEER16-Wildfire5
Creo 1.0-10.0
Assemblies and parts NG
Inventor *.ipt
V11-V2024 Assemblies and parts NG
3DTascalX *.3dx V1-V11 Assemblies and parts, 3D wire, 3DPMI NG
Aiview/3DR *.3dr V1-V3 Assemblies and parts, 3DPMI NG
3DFovi *.3df IN:V1-V5
2D I/F
Data name filename extension Ver IN OUT
2DDXF *.dxf IN:R12-2018
2DDWG *.dwg IN:R12-2018
HPGL *.hgl *.hpgl *.hpg *.hgl OK NG
2D Options I/F
Data name filename extension Ver IN OUT
CATDrawing NEW!! *.CATDrawing V5R8 – V5-6R2023 OK NG
Data name filename extension Ver IN OUT
JPEG *.jpg NG OK
BMP *.bmp NG OK
Enhanced Metafiles *.emf NG OK
CSV *.csv NG OK

System requirements

OS Only 64bit
Windows 10 Pro *1
Windows 11 Pro *1
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz or faster
4GB or newer
For activation Internet is required
Please check the operation with a free evaluation version by all means before using our product.
3DFovi will only operate at the desktop mode.

Price list

Product name
3DFovi First year subscription
3DFovi After the second year subscription
CATDrawing (R) Interface Option NEW!!
The price list is for sales outside Japan.
VAT and other taxes are not included in the price.
There is no support menu in a product.