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Purchase & Quotation for 3DTascalX

Sale charge or an agency contacts you.Please input to the following contact forms.

Purchase & Quotation for 3DTascalX/Light,3DFovi

You can purchase it in C’set store. Please go to the store from the following buttons.

    C’set Store

  • Please contact a contact form or our following sales department when you purchase the summary which is higher than 10 licenses.
  • The flow of the purchase look at this.
  • The flow until the 3DTascalX/Light product use look at this.
  • The flow until the 3DFovi product use look at this.

Other questions for 3DTascalX/Light, 3DFovi

Please contact me than the following contact forms. I reply as promptly as possible.

When you want the contact by the email, please contact me at the following.

C’set Co.,Ltd. sales department

e-mail :


VERY SORRY! — It’s Japanese only right now. English version is not yet prepared.

3DTascalX & 3DTascalX/Light 3DFovi

* If you are member of maintenance support of 3DTascalX, please refer “3DTascalX user’s registration card” for first, or ask to domestic distributor or dealer.