3DFovi Flow until product registration

01. Installation of 3DFovi

The installer of 3DFovi is the same as a free trial version. When a free trial version is not installed, please install it than this.

02. Guidance of the 3DFovi product key

After the purchase, 3DFovi product key arrives.

※The listed product key varies according to purchase contents.

For example, in the case of the “3DFovi viewer” purchase “product key” arrives . in the case of the “3DFovi i/f plugin module” purchase, “temporary product key” arrives.And two keys arrive when they purchase both.

03. The acquisition of the User ID/ Password

You prepare for [3D Fovi product key], and, please register. When user’s registration is completed, [User ID/ Password] is transmitted.

04. “Welcome to 3DFovi” dialog

In “Welcome to 3DFovi” dialog at the time of the start, please input [Product key], [User ID], [Password]. In this,
You can use 3DFovi as a product edition.

05. The acquisition of the 3DFovi i/f plugin module Regular product key

When You purchase “3DFovi i/f plugin module ”“ 3DFovi set ”“3DFovi Use fee plugin 365 days”, this registration is necessary.

You prepare for[3DFovi i/f plugin temporary product key], [user ID], [password], and,pleaseregister.When registration is completed,[3DFovi i/f plugin Regular product key] is transmitted.

06. “3DFovi i/f plug in module authentication” dialog(Include continuation use)

Show by [help]/[3DFovi i/f plugin module Authentication] of 3DFovi; “, please input [3DFovi i/f plugin module regular product key(Procedure 05)] into “3DFovi i/f plug in module authentication” dialog”.
With the above you can use 3DFovi i/f plug in module as a product edition. In addition, fee for use update is possible for 365 days.