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3DTascalX/Light Flow until product registration

01. Installation of “3DTascalX/Light”

The installer of 3DTascalX/Light is the same as a free trial version. When a free trial version is not installed, please install it than this.

02. Guidance of the 3DTascalX/Light product key

After the purchase, 3DTascalX/Light product key arrives.

※The listed product key varies according to purchase contents.

For example, in the case of the “3DTascalX/Light 1 year subscription” purchase “product key” arrives . in the case of the “3DTascalX/Light after the second year subscription” purchase, “temporary product key” arrives.

03. The acquisition of the User ID/ password / Authentication key

You prepare for [3DTascalX/Light product key], and, please register. When user’s registration is completed,
[User ID/ Password / Authentication Key] is transmitted.

04. “Welcome to 3DTascalX/Light” dialog

In “Welcome to 3DTascalX/Light” dialog at the time of the start, please input [Product key], [User ID], [Password], [Authentication Key].

In this, You can use 3DTascalX/Light as a product edition.

05. The acquisition of the 3DTascalX/Light Regular product key

When You purchase “3DTascalX/Light after the second year subscription”, this registration is necessary.

You prepare for[3DTascalX/Light temporary product key], [user ID], [password], and, please register.When registration is completed,[ 3DTascalX/Light Regular product key] is transmitted.

06. About “3DTascalX/Light” continuation use

Please input [3DTascalX/Light Regular product key (procedure 05)] into the “Welcome to 3DTascalX/Light” dialog which is displayed when under 45 days in a use time limit.