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The best sales force for the company is the quality itself of the mold they created.

<Company overview>

Headquartered in Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture, NAGOYA PRECISION MOLD CO.,LTD. is a plastic mold manufacturer that designs and manufactures molds used primarily for manufacturing lamps for automobiles and motorcycles. The plastic parts of a lamp are roughly composed of four lenses, an extension, a reflector, and housing, and their characteristics are different depending on the presence or absence of legal regulation, high design ability, shape complexity, and the alike. Also, the molds themselves are greatly different from the complexity of the structure and the difficulty of the finishing process typified by a postcard. Nagoya Precision Mold also has the advantage of being able to undertake all types of molds for these different parts and to flexibly deal with shapes, specifications, delivery dates and so on. Engineers who received recognition of "modern masterpieces" and "aichi's masterpieces" inside the company are also enrolled, and are also putting emphasis on the transfer of technology. This time, I heard the effect of introducing "3DTascalX" from Mr. Ishikawa of the external management section.

Mr.Hirotoshi Ishikawa

<Please tell me what chance you get to know the product>

I got to know it from the introduction of other companies in the same industry.

<What was your problem before introducing?>

First of all, since sales department did not see 3D data arranged from business partner at all, we had to go to design department with CAD data. Also, as a production engineering department, the design review before DR design (hereafter referred as DR) becomes very important, but from now on, DR using 3D data was not made possible at all. The term DR in our company refers to whether the product data arranged by the business partner is established under the conditions that can be manufactured with the mold and the conditions for mass production (whether there is a possibility of using a takeout direction or a different molding machine Etc.) to be considered or not. Since all of these were left to the designers, I was concerned that there was omission / leakage in the information transmission between persons who actually interacted with business partners, and furthermore I could not answer questions on spot when asked.

<Please tell me the effect after introduction>

First of all, sales can now be estimated by themselves. Since you can check 3D data on a laptop PC, it is used as it is for meetings with customers. However, the biggest merit is that the Production Engineering Division is now able to do quite detailed DR. This is now one of our strengths. For DR of molds, it is essential to check drafts first, but "3DTascalX" has a local coordinate creation function, so you can create coordinates for each slide core and easily adjust the slope angle on each coordinate basis then you can check on it. Also, the cross section display is easy to understand, and the thickness dimension can also be measured and displayed accurately. I also feel that 3D rendering is also more comic able (laugh) than CAD in a good way and easy to see. Because there are few commands, anyone can use it easily. As a result, in the DR material, there is no longer a bit of "slightly" or "a bit more", and the certainty of "making this part wider by a few mm" and the certainty of visually firmly discriminating between the plural options has been successfully done. It made it possible to visualize the problem and put it in a concrete proposal. Today, our customers accelerate ordering of products to receive our DR, and by considering firmly from the development stage, the company's planned order production is also effective. In addition to that, it is also used for examination after mold design. Inevitably that the precision of the check also increases because it can be shared with the eyes of various people, such as holes for adjusting the temperature inside the mold and prevention of deviation from the pressure at the time of molding. Again for the company, the best sales force is the quality of the mold you created. If you answer firmly to customer's request and contribute to mass production, added value of mold will rise. And Mr. Ishikawa answered while laughing.

<What do you expect for the products and C’set in the future?>

It is good if there is a function such as thickness check of product shape. I want you to further simplify the operation of the projection line / point function of the 3D sketch. Then I think that I want you to raise the accuracy of the projection plane creation function even more.

<Company overview>

Headquarters: 66-5 Ogawa Kitatsurune Higashiura-CHO Chita-GUN AICHI JAPAN
Establishment: April 1975
Capital: 38 million yen
Number of Employees: 140
Base: 3 domestic bases (Aichi, Kumamoto, Miyazaki)
Two overseas bases (Vietnam, Indonesia)