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Easy to use by anyone with an intuitive interface, investigation of plastic molded items now can be completed within the department!

<Company introduction>

FUJI BAKELITE CO., LTD. located in Yakage-cho, Oda-gun, Okayama Prefecture is a parts supplier that manufactures molds, molds form, decorations and assemblies of plastic products used in breakers, power meters, automobile interior parts (mainly center console). Maintaining various technologies such as film insert molding, water coating, two-color molding, well dress molding, etc., while developing to 3 domestic and 3 overseas bases, we stick to standardization of facilities and design standards, the same at all bases It is a great advantage to be able to offer quality products. I asked Mr. Mitsui, vice principle of Yoshii Factory engineering department about the effect of introducing "3DTascalX" to the engineering department development department.

Mr.Yasuhiro Mitsui

<Please tell me what chance you get to know the product>

It is an introduction from the manufacturer of the supplier.

<What was your problem before introducing?>

In our engineering department, we check whether 3D data of the product arranged by business partner is formed so that it can be molded by die, and make estimate and request shape change based on this confirmation. At that time, the mold design department had many 3D CAD such as Unigraphics (currently NX), but the technical department had only one CATIA V5. Since it is difficult to introduce a large number of CATIAs, we often wait for work, so it takes time to respond to our business partners, and there are omissions and leaks in contents due to people It was. Also, CATIA, which is difficult to operate, took time to extract necessary information. At that time, the number of business partners who arranged with only 3D data was gradually increasing, so it was a situation where the business did not work well as it was. As a work in the engineering department, functions up to 3DCAD are not necessary, and I was studying whether there are means other than increasing 3DCAD.

<Please tell me the effect after introduction>

First of all, it is meaningless unless everyone can use it even if it is being introduced. I tried various products, but I feel that "3DTascalX" is very intuitive interface and very easy to use. As we are using it, many members, including elderly personnel are now able to see 3D data. As a flow of work, we investigated whether product data can be molded in a mold by using functions such as volume calculation, projected area, cross section confirmation, dimension measurement (draft angle / thickness), then 3D to 2D Drawing, wireframe display, image copy, etc. will create the results of the review and background. Send this material to business partners or use it for instructions to other departments. As a result, it turned out that the review work was almost completed within the engineering department, and the speed and precision of the answer rose. In particular, at the beginning of the introduction, we were also pleased that it was easy to see from suppliers. Recently it is becoming commonplace. (Laugh) Moreover, because it is a USB type license key, I also like to carry around with a laptop computer, and I can also use the part that can be used for a meeting as it is at a business partner. In addition, it is also used for data conversion when making arrangements to mold manufacturers. The extensions that can be handled depend on 3DCAD that is also used by mold manufacturers, so we arrange them according to the opponent. I think that there are not many products that can convert even though it is a 3D viewer. Because the operation is simple, now the national staff of overseas bases is also using the English version.

Development Section

<What do you expect for the products and C’set in the future?>

I'd like to increase the success rate of solidification of IGES data

<Company profile>

Headquarters: 6500 Oda Yakage-CHO Oda-GUN OKAYAMA JAPAN
Establishment: February 1945
Capital: 20 million yen
Employees: 418
Base: 3 domestic offices (Okayama head office, Yoshii factory, tool factory)
Three overseas locations (China, Thailand, Vietnam)