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Unexpected man-hour reduction was achieved by improving accuracy of data conversion!

<Company introduction>

TAMATSUURA WOOD MOLD MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture is a company that mainly produces molds for casting molds used for automobile press equipment. In the past, it used wood, but switching to production with foam polystyrene earlier than other companies allowed us to achieve low cost, utilized both traditional technology and state-of-the-art technology (CAD, CAM , NC machining) to make product that satisfy customer's wishes. In recent years, we have also worked on large-sized products such as exhibits using styrofoams and landscape items replicas as well as molds for die casting. This time I talked to Mr. Tachibana who introduced "3DTascalX" into the design.

In the past,
Mr.Shunsuke Tachibana

<Please tell me what triggers you to know the product>

When I looked it up on the Internet, I happened to find it.

<What was your problem before introducing?>

IGES data has been mainly sent from customers in the past, In recent years, More and more CFIO (CADmeister) and CATIA V5 data became often but there were few software available inside the company to handle the work, and the main CAD / CAM was used in the conversion work, so the operation was stalled. As a countermeasure, we added the CAD / CAM manufacturer's standard translate option, etc. However, due to lack of color conversion, a high incidence rate of troubles such as trim error, and support side has become unsatisfactory either.

<Please tell me the reason you decided to introduce the product>

The conversion result of CFIO (CADmeister) and CATIA V5 data was very good; furthermore it was able to save to Parasolid data accurately. Success stories of companies with which we had a relationship were posted on their homepage have also been boosted our decision.

<How was the effect after introduction?>

The biggest thing was that the main CAD / CAM did not perform conversion work, and the delay of work was solved. Before the introduction, we were continued working as in-house operation data on sheet solids and even worst surfaces, but after the introduction we were able to operate as solids by using 3DTascalX. As a result, the accuracy of 3D model for confirmation at the assembly site has improved, and compared with several years ago; comparison inspection of the processed products now can progress from paper to electronic. It was significantly easier and the defect detection rate also increased, which resulted in unexpected reduction in man-hour. Supporting between software has become an essential item at our company.

<What do you expect in the future?>

I hope that the number of man-hours will be further reduced if the automatic restoration function is further strengthened. Moreover, for our company I think if it is possible to export the line information together when saving the selected 3D model with the specified extension so we can reduce more mistakes.

  • Head office : 27 Nishi-shinkiri Nesaki-CHO
    Founded: : year 1952
    Established : year 1982
    Capital : 10 million yen
    Number of Employees : 37
    Industry : Press mold
    Industrial machinery
    Prototype ZAS type
    Foamed model production for aluminum type
    Base : 1 base in Japan (Anseong)
    overseas 1 base (Thailand)