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SEIKO EPSON Corporation Watch Division

Disassemble the 3D model of the watch part with "3DTascalX" and create a beautiful technical guide

Used purpose

3D model of watch parts is decomposed with "3DTascalX" and output to 2DDXF data; it is used for creating beautiful technical guide by vector data.

NC data which was conventionally obtained from 2D data for fabrication of electrode for electric discharge machining

The coordinate value is taken directly into "3DTascalX", the necessary 3D coordinate value is obtained, the required coordinate value is found, CSV outputted, and taken directly into CAM to create NC data.

Drawing-less inspection by 3D model was carried out using the height coloring function of "3DTascalX" from the inspection of the height of the electrode surface from the inspection according to the conventional drawing.

It is used as a processing verification, presentation and translator of 3D models in domestic and overseas on a notebook PC.

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