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It is now possible to check proposal type quotation efficiently by checking undercut · sink · insufficient strength etc.

<Company overview>

Head office in Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, NISSIN SEIKO CO.,LTD. is a company that conducts injection molding and assembly of mass production parts, centering on designing and manufacturing mold dies. We have expanded to China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and a group widely in East Asia, and we manufacture more than 800 molds a year. Flexible correspondence according to user's conditions such as quality, cost, delivery date, etc. is possible. Also, in molding, we mass-produce automobile engine manifolds in China, etc. We also respond to various users' demands both material and construction method. Recently, we have been actively involved in research on metal mold design and processing by introducing a metal 3D molding machine, taking advantage of freedom of molding. "For example, we can manufacture molds for mass production in Southeast Asia in China and we can respond to mold maintenance at site. This group structure makes our customers very sastified." / Mr.Jin Mitsuhara talked about the effect of introducing "3DFovi".

Sales Engineering Department Deputy general
Mr.Jin .Mitsuhara

<Please tell me how you get to know the product>

I got to know about it at Nagoya Plastic Industry Exhibition in 2015.

<What was your problem before introducing?>

At that time the estimate request in 3D data became the main stream, and since we relied on the internal design department to deal with that, the burden in the division increased and the answer of the estimate was delayed. Also, we had a lot of difficulty in proposing product shapes such as "If you do product design this way, it will be cheaper", presenting problems such as mold production and creating materials. I also tried using free software, but the compatibility is bad, and consequently the design department is asked to convert the data, which results in extra loading, and with 3DFovi, 3D data can be seen neatly at reasonable price so this software was what I was really looking for software.

Resin engine manifold mass-produced in China

<Please tell me the effect after the introduction>

First of all, since data can be seen without relying on the design department, the answering speed of the estimate became faster within one day or half day. There is no time and effort need to coordinate with other departments, so we are very pleased that we can make estimates and create materials by ourselves. In addition, the accuracy of the estimate was improved. Overcut of undercut disappeared, and it became possible to properly propose the part where the sinkage is liable to be caused by the wall thickness and the indication of insufficient strength at the time of mass production. I think that it became possible to efficiently create a proposal type estimate.

In-house product Lens-type camera vacuum cleaner ”Fujin”

<What are your expectations of C’set products and in the future>

We plan to introduce it in the manufacturing process in the future. With the function, I want to copy the screen while displaying the volume and maximum outline. Also, since updating procedures are troublesome, I would like you to make improvements. Automatic update would be nice.

<Company overview>

Headquarters: 15 Numa Kitagata Kitagata-CHO Ichinomiya-SHI AICHI JAPAN
Establishment: December 1986
Capital: 10 million yen
Number of Employees: 39
Base: 3 domestic sites (Aichi, Kyushu factory, Chiba sales office)
   6 overseas locations (3 locations in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam)