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Estimate of resin parts can be made quickly and accurately, accuracy of die making instructions also improved
Great result in strengthening sales force and creating trusting relationship with customers

KYOSHIN PLASTIC CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as KYOSHIN PLASTIC), which manufactures interior parts for automobiles, receives design data of high-end three-dimensional CAD from customers, prepares estimates and gives instructions to manufacture mold manufacturers by using 3DTascalX as a tool to support a series of tasks to do. Create accurate estimates quickly by making use of functions such as section cutting, wall thickness measurement, and highly accurate volume calculation. We succeeded in establishing a system that is easy to acquire orders while securing profits.

Acknowledged the technical strength of resin molding and the depth of know-how

Plastic Parts Manufacturer’s KYOSHIN PLASTIC, headquartered in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture. We have established an integrated production system covering injection molding, vibration welding, painting, assembly inspection, centering on instrument panel peripheral parts of automobile interior. In addition, we have established a dedicated factory in Fukushima Prefecture for "RIM molding" suitable for large-sized and complicated shapes, accumulating original technology, and we are manufacturing parts for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and industrial machinery.
Mr. Masato Yamamoto, Director of the Hanno Plant and Director of Sales Technology Division, said, "In addition to being able to flexibly adapt from a small variety of products to mass production, we are committed to making "Things that cannot be done with KYOSHIN PLASTIC".
For example, we succeeded in making a smooth curved surface of parts to be attached to automotive exterior by devising to eliminate the weld line generated at the seam of flow of molten resin without additional investment of production equipment, so that technical strength And the depth of know-how has been highly appreciated by the industry.

Mr.Masato Yamamoto

Realize an environment that freely treats CATIA data at a low cost of 1/5 of CATIA V5

The automobile industry has been three-dimensionally designed early. KYOSHIN PLASTIC also introduced CATIA V4 from the 1990s, and was compatible with providing 3D data to and from customers. However, CATIA V5 that appeared the next time had a fundamental difference from CATIA V4 in architecture; there were problems such as the cost of installation and maintenance, limited people who can use it.
"Originally we do not need CATIA full functionality, it would be easy to use for sales engineers and if we can consistently support that work with a single product, we thought it would be advantageous to create a new work flow rather than using the full functionality of CATIA." Mr. Yamamoto says. For KYOSHIN PLASTIC, sales engineers from the sales engineering department are in charge of customer consultation, estimate preparation, and instructions for mass production mold manufacturing. Since the same person in charge holds the point of contact with customers without distinction between sales / sales technology / production technology and organization, it is possible to speed up the mass production launch that accurately reflects customer needs. 3DTascalX was able to support this "one stop movement of sales engineer" which is also our company's strength. "Three essential tasks in the sales process are section cutting, wall thickness measurement, and highly accurate volume calculation. 3DTascalX was a tool that makes these very easy and feels that sales engineers are "easy to use", says Mr.Yamamoto. In addition, Mr. Tetsuya Shiota of Sales Division 2 of the sales department, "In ordinary viewer products," the cross section cannot be cut by the removal direction standard, the dimension is difficult to measure on the cross section, the coordinate axis cannot be set arbitrarily " 3DTascalX is a "three-dimensional handling tool" that not only can see 3-dimensional data but also can add new information, so it's all about what we want to do with our sales process and even without CATIA, we would never feel inconvenient and uncomfortable ". However, the cost of introduction of 3DTaxcalX is "a fraction of the price" of CATIA V5.

Accurate and prompt estimate creation will enhance competitiveness

In 2006, Kyodo Plastics introduced 3 licenses of 3DTascalX. "We can calculate volume and weight with high precision using design data provided by customers, so we can get accurate estimates quickly, which is the power of sales," Yamamoto said. Speedy and accurate quotation is a strong ally in securing profits, winning orders by overcoming competition with competitors. Also, if you give a highly accurate estimate, you can earn a sense of trust from the customer at the completion of the work and it will help to build a long-term relationship. In making estimates, sales engineers use 3DTascalX to grasp the weight, dimensions (length, width, depth) and product removal direction of the product (work piece) and set the optimum equipment. In this case, since it is necessary to grasp the dimensions in the product removal direction, the local coordinate function of 3DTascalX is indispensable. "Measuring the projected area with 3DTascalX carefully judges what to use for incidental equipment, projected area is a convenient function when complex shape," Shiota said. The function of cutting a section at an arbitrary place is essential for undercut processing. Although it is undercut that it is impossible to take out the product (work) when opening the mold, it is difficult to grasp in the three-dimensional image. However, when cutting the section in the direction of extraction, the undercut is immediately recognized. “After receiving design data from customers, create estimates after squashing all the concerns concerning production. 3DTascalX is really easy to use for this entire work "Yamamoto said. We make proposals to customers positively when preparing estimates. "When it is combined with the local coordinate of 3DTascalX and the function of distance measurement, it is convenient to be able to measure the wall thickness in the pull direction. Small sink marks (dents due to shrinkage) are likely to occur where the difference in wall thickness is large, it is necessary to take some measures, "Mr. Shiota said. At present, since problems can be grasped in a short time after receiving design data, proposals such as material change and design change can be concretely performed while showing in the figure.

Mr.Tetsuya Shiota

Easily and speedily to create 2-dimensional drawings that can be communicated to mold companies.

3DTascalX also plays an important role in communication with mold manufacturers. First, data can be converted to IGES or DXF format, etc. before providing to mold manufacturers that do not have CATIA, since 3DTascalX can perform conversion from CATIA data with high accuracy. "If there is an instruction to change the design from customers, color change display will be done by 3DTascalX and the change will be confirmed? In addition, parts data such as construction machines are often provided by IGES," Mr. Shiota says.
In addition, to create a work order to the mold manufacturer, the 2D drawing can be created. Copy any part of the 3-dimensional image by dragging and dropping the mouse, paste it on Excel, and write down dimensions and precautions on manufacturing note. It often adds a sectional view. "At the time of discussion with the customer, if there is an explanation such as " I want you to pay sufficient attention as this is the point of design, "by enclosing the part with a large red circle in a two-dimensional figure and writing it carefully, you can communicate the reliable information to the customer. By flexibly combining three dimensions and two dimensions according to the purpose, information transmission to mold manufacturers can be done precisely with a small number of steps, "Mr.Yamamoto says.

Flexible handling of 3D / 2D data

As we use it more and more, the positioning of 3DTascalX has changed a bit.
The purpose of the introduction is to cover the necessary work at a lower cost than introducing expensive high-end three-dimensional CAD. After that, as you master it, the effect of increasing the degree of freedom of data handling while closely flexibly coming back and forth between the 3-D and 2-D worlds has been close up.
When receiving large volume data of CATIA at customers, they can take it back to the mobile PC by putting them into 3DTascalX. "You can deliver the CATIA raw data comfortably without having to give customers the time and effort to convert IGES, you can handle CATIA data freely without owning CATIA," says Mr. Yamamoto.
Using 3DTascalX makes information sharing easier as well. By sticking 3-dimensional images to Excel, writing instructions and attaching e-mails, we have become able to get accurate estimates from mold manufacturers more quickly than before. In some cases, mold manufacturers who received igs data corrected data with 3 dimensional CAD to shorten the mold manufacturing period. "How to handle data of high-end three-dimensional CAD, which is extremely large in volume and struggling to create a handling environment, in all processes of manufacturing is not limited to the automobile industry, and issues common to the manufacturing industry " Mr.Yamamoto points out.
A new way to solve this problem is 3DTascalX which firmly underpins the pursuit of "making MONOZUKURI (making things) that can only be done by KYOSHIN PLASTIC".

By making use of functions such as section cutting, wall thickness measurement and volume calculation, accurate estimates can be made faster. Speedy and accurate quotation is a strong ally in securing profits, winning orders by overcoming competitors.

  • Headquarters: 507-2 Shimokawasaki, Hanno-SHI, SAITAMA JAPAN
  • Founding: November 1968
  • Capital: 50 million yen
  • Number of Employees: 250
  • Sales: 3 billion yen
  • Business summary:
  • Automotive interior parts, and plastic parts manufacturers for agricultural machines, construction machines, and industrial machinery.
  • Supports both injection molding and RIM molding. The factory is headquarters · Hanno, Saitama prefecture Hidaka, Fukushima, Miyagi 4 places.
  • Consideration for the global environment is also appreciable, including the introduction of electrically conductive injection molding machines ambitiously.