User example



Using 3DTascalX to compare 3-D data with each other and confirms the design change point. Print out the processing instructions and images then distribute to the site.

Use applications

Various data such as CATIA, IGES etc which are distributed by the manufacturer are translated to viewer data for the work site to view.

Compare the 3D data with "3DTascalX" to check the design change location, print out the processing instructions and the images to distribute to the site.

During the inspection of the actual measurement of the prototype, use "3DTascalX" to review the distributed 3D data and the real thing for size inspection.

Expand free viewers to cooperating companies and departments, effectively utilizing 3D data by widely sharing 3D data of "3DTascalX".

In the designer and management department, "3DTascalX" is used to create casting bills materials.