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M.S. Corporation

“Do not refuse customer's request” earning trust of sales division by using 3D

<Company introduction>

M.S. Corporation, headquartered in Neyagawa-city, Osaka Prefecture, is a prototype shop that handles optical shaping, vacuum casting, etc. mainly on cutting work.

Responding not only to resins, but also a wide range of materials such as magnesium and zinc die-casting, the president's persistent attitude from the inception of "do not refuse customer's request, Let's examine first if it is possible" I have continued to keep up with proposal ability to respond to customers’ tough demands. This leads to the improvement of in-house technical capabilities, and trust from customers and technology skills within the company are building a good spiral. Recently, in order to respond to further short delivery times and high quality, we are also active in capital investment such as multi-task machine with turning function and simultaneous 5 axis machine.

"In the prototype industry" fast / cheap "is commonplace, our company's style is to determine the point really wanted by customers, respond with a combination of price, quality, delivery date and suggestion power" Mr. Katsuki Hazama and Mr. Makoto Komaki of the management division strongly emphasized when we asked.

M.S. Corporation
Mr. Katsuki Hazama

<Please tell us how you get to know the product>

We got to know it from the proposal of System Create Co., Ltd.

<What was your problem before introducing? >

The sales department used free software, but since Parasolid data arranged by business partners was not seen at all, we had to check with the person in charge of CAD / CAM on site every time, There was a lot of time loss in the processing department each other.

In addition, there were scattered cases where the processing side had to follow the part overlooked by sales after receiving the order, there were many requests from the processing site that we wanted to firmly grasp the shape in advance.

Even though work temporarily established that the prospect became sweet by not being able to see the 3D data, it often felt that we could not earn the trust of customers.

M.S. Corporation
Mr. Katsuki Hazama
Mr. Makoto Komaki

<Please tell us the effect after introduction>

Even if it meets the die requirement at the time of mass production, it often has a shape that does not match cutting requirements at the time of prototyping and a part that must be changed temporarily.

In order to confirm the requirement and change to the customer, even it was explained by telephone or sentence, it was not able to decide without notifying until visiting, now the answer came as soon as just sending an mail by describing the choices in the material with the 3D image.

As feeling, man-hours over 50% have been reduced. For example, in order to comply with cutting requirements for parts designed overseas, the domestic staffs in charge of the inquiry understands, translates it to overseas representatives, and responds further....

As you can imagine, we understand, but since time waiting for customer response from the prototype industry is directly linked to the delivery date, it is big deal that we can reduce this time loss. With the material remaining, there is no discrepancy with business partners such as "I said, I did not".

In addition, if you can point out or suggest cutting conditions easily, it is accumulated as know-how at customer's design stage, and it also leads to easiness of the next job and repeat. In other words, I feel that I have earned their trust.

In another scenario, there are cases where only the 2D drawing can be seen by a business partner when outsourcing work from us. Even in such a case, using the CAD / CAM to create a 2D drawing, we used the manpower of the person in charge of processing, but now the clerk woman uses 3DTascalX to extract 2D drawing from 3D data, and arranges it with 3D image materials. Even if the business goes out and the processing department is engaged in other work, the estimation and the processing instruction etc are not stopped. Recently, the subcontractor who realized that understanding is early as well as answering by 3D image was coming and there was also unexpected effect.

Mr. Komaki desk to respond to inquiries
from machining sites and subcontractors
Aluminum cutting sample

<What do you expect for products and C’set in the future? >

Now we apply "Rapping Surface Tension" function and 3D Sketch Function, we are wearing processing R, but I would like to have a function to attach fillet to 3D shape. Since it is only necessary to be established as a picture, it is not necessary to be modeling. Also, I am happy if I can easily edit print, PDF output etc of 2D drawing frame / title section. If it is possible to save the saved name, it will be helpful to read the filename as it is.

  • M.S. Corporation
  • Headquarters : 2-21-1 Niwajihonmachi, Neyagawa-SHI, OSAKA JAPAN
    Establishment : April 1998
    Capital : 50 million yen
    Employee : 38
    Industry type : Cutting / Optical shaping / Vacuum casting /
    Simple mold / 3D modeling
    Base : Domestic (Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Nagoya)