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<Company overview>

KOEI TOOL (THAILAND) based in Thailand for KOEI group which is one of the main areas of Asia centering on Singapore was founded in 2007. As a mould maker for plastic injection moulding, we continue to innovate every day and provide design, manufacturing, repair, etc. according to the high demands of various customers.

Especially we specialize in two-color moulding dies such as car air conditioner displays, combinations of transparent resins such as lenses and other colors, and combinations of hard resins and estramers for packing.

"We have been proposing how to use two-color moulding. We also have high praise from our customers for the" polishing "work, which is the mould finishing process performed by skilled staff." / Assistant Manager, Mr.SOMNUK commented.

<Please tell me how you got to know about C’set product>

I learned from the introduction of Yonezawa Engineering Asia (Thailand).

<What was troubled before the introduction?>

It was inconvenient because I could not check the 3D data received from the customer in my new project on my personal computer.
In such a case, we ask the design department for confirmation, but they are too busy with the design work and do not work immediately. Then, the answer to the customer was delayed because he could only wait.
Also the situation was similar in the company after receiving the order.

<Please tell us why you decided to introduce the product>

The best thing is that you can immediately respond to various requests from customers. The 3D data can be checked immediately on your PC, so you no longer have to wait.
The scope of work involving 3D data is also expanding. Bringing in a PC and having a meeting with a new model at the customer's site is also a major advance.

  • Address : 999/85 Moo 20 Soi Boonmeesab 4, Bangpli-
    Tamru Rd.,Bangpliyai, Bangpli,
    Samutprakarn 10540
    Capital : 10,000,000 TBH
    Industry : Plastic Injection Mold
    Mold for two-color molding
    Founded : 2007
    Thailand employees : 50
    Location : Indonesia, China, Japan